5 Zero Waste Products Revolutionizing Their Industries

More companies than ever are embracing zero waste goals as a way to enhance their sustainability efforts and reduce their dependence on unpredictable raw material prices.

How To Ensure The Safe Handling Of Flammable Liquids

The safe handling of flammable liquids is critically important to maintaining a protected work environment in your facility. 

Managing Solvent Waste Using Ellen MacArthur Circular Economy Concepts

Waste management today requires forward thinking and viable alternatives as manufacturers explore ways to cut costs and improve their sustainability initiatives. 

How Having Waste To Energy Facilities Nearby Benefits You

Waste to energy has become an important tool in allowing companies to boost their sustainability.

Why Is Closed Loop Recycling Better Than Downcycling?

Recycling is a necessity in today’s industry, yet many companies still struggle with determining what type of recycling offers the most benefits. 

How Solvent Distillation Is Leading Industrial Recovery Services

As companies continue to look for ways to increase their sustainable initiatives and reduce costs, one solution is proving to be intriguing for those that produce industrial solvents. 

How To Go Zero Waste And Lead Your Industry

How to go zero waste is a concept that many industry leaders are exploring. 

How Waste Disposal Is Moving Towards The Circular Economy

If you could design waste out of your business, would you? 

How Waste To Energy Technology Is Turning Trash Into Treasure

There’s an old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” 

How Industrial Recovery And Recycling Has Evolved

The industrial recovery and recycling process has been continually evolving, as companies have continued to look for ways to reduce and reuse hazardous waste.

A Waste Free Economy: Temarry Leading The Way

The push toward a waste free economy is catching on, as more companies are seeing the value of boosting their sustainability practices and fiscal plans.

The Role of Solvent Distillation Apparatus In Recycling

It’s no secret that companies that generate hazardous waste are required to follow detailed regulatory requirements for disposal. 

Are You Recycling or Fuel Blending?

At a recent Border 2020 conference held in Tijuana, Barnes Johnson, Deputy Director of U.S. EPA OSRTI, noted a very distinct difference between Recycling and Fuel blending/energy recovery.

Solvent Distillation and the Energy Recovery Process Explained

Solvent Distillation and the Energy Recovery Process Explained

In most disposal facilities, waste is received and then treated according to its properties. Some wastes will end up in landfills and others burned off.

How The Use Of Solvent Distillation Equipment Reduces Hazardous Waste

For manufacturing facilities, the waste that is generated can represent an environmental burden, especially if the waste is hazardous. 

What Do The Lakers and Temarry Recycling Have in Common?

At first glance, you may be wondering what on earth we are talking about. How can a basketball team and Temarry Recycling have anything in common at all? But if you give me a few minutes, I’ll show you exactly what they have in common.

What Are The Most Sustainable Hazardous Waste Disposal Codes?

As a hazardous waste generator, do you truly understand what is happening to your waste streams when they leave your facility?

What The Experts Are Saying About The Circular Economy

The circular economy, at its most basic, refers to moving from our traditional take-make-dispose linear economy, to one in which materials are continuously repurposed until they are finally recycled. It’s a closed loop, hence the circle.

Hazardous Waste Recycling vs Landfill - What's The Difference?

How do you get undressed every day? Do you remove the used articles of clothing, ball them up, and throw them in the garbage bin? Probably not. That wouldn’t make nearly as much economic sense as laundering and reusing them. Most would agree that throwing out good clothing after one use because it was dirty and purchasing new clothes each time you needed to get dressed is an absurd concept.

Temarry Recycling Showcases Its Operations In New Corporate Video

Temarry Recycling is proud to introduce our latest corporate video that gives you an inside look at our operations in Tecate, Mexico.

Should Your Business Stress Sustainability?

Environmentally conscious.

Good for the planet.

Sustainable business practices.

Depending on your point of view these phrases are likely to evoke a strong opinion and can either be extremely positive and inspiring if sustainability matters to you or be like nails on a chalkboard if you are opposed to the environmental movement.

Temarry Recycling Family Goes Through Fire Brigade Training

Temarry Recycling Family Goes Through Fire Brigade Training

If an emergency breaks out at your place of business, what do you do?

Temarry Recycling’s $100,000 Waste to Energy Renovation

Temarry Recycling’s $100,000 Waste to Energy Renovation


Can Transporters Capitalize on an Excluded Materials Rule Change?

Can Waste Transporters Capitalize on Excluded Materials Rule Change?

Who ever thought the EPA would modify a regulation to be less stringent? Most generators, transporters, and waste handlers have heard by now that, beginning January 31, 2014,