Temarry Recycling’s $100,000 Waste to Energy Renovation


Hazardous waste generators, transporters and brokers now have an additional reason to have their hazardous waste streams sent to Temarry Recycling.

Our new $100,000 waste to energy capital project renovation will improve efficiency of the entire waste to energy process and continue to contribute to the sustainability of our natural resources.

waste to energy

Steam from Temarry's New Waste to Energy Renovation Project 

Waste to Energy Process Gets an Upgrade

Our Waste to Energy process has been operating at our Mexico facility, Recicladora Temarry, for the last 7 years. While the equipment and technology infrastructure was sufficient to handle the process, it was time for a major renovation! The Waste to Energy process is an integral part of the closed loop recycling system that uses hazardous waste solids such as rags and debris to generate steam that powers recovery stills.

These recovery stills produce various solvent products that are sold back into the market place. Our closed loop system provides generators a very desirable, and cost effective, alternative to the industry standard of shipping waste solvents and flammable solids to the Midwest for fuel blending.


Most Significant Innovation

The most significant innovation was the addition of a new injection system. Our thermal treatment process must maintain an operating temperature of between 1500F and 1800F.waste to energy

When feeding high energy waste, such as solvent laden rags, the energy release is so intense that the combustion chambers must be cooled down immediately. In the old system water was injected into the combustion chambers to achieve the cool down. This caused an immediate reduction in temperature that reduced the amount of waste that could be processed per hour and increased the use of propane to bring the temperature back up.

The new system draws steam from the systems 200 HP boiler and mixes it with the water resulting in an increase of the injection temperature from ambient to about 200F.

The primary benefits of our new system is the reduction in volume of purchased water for cooling down the combustion chambers, the ability to feed waste faster due to a reduction in temperature extremes and a reduction in the use of propane to bring the temperature back up.

All benefits represent a reduction in the use of natural resources and improve the sustainability of these vital resources.


New Software Program

In today’s world, you virtually can’t operate anything without a software program doing the heavy lifting. Our new Waste to Energy system required substantial programming enhancements to handle the more efficient process. All of the mixing of steam/water, injection into the chambers and temperature controls is done automatically by the systems computer program.

waste to energy

In the past, operators used just one computer program to run the entire system. Now they have the option of choosing between 3 different program options.

Operators can choose to use specific programs to handle:


  • Very high BTU
  • Average BTU
  • Below Average BTU


The different programs automatically integrate conveyor feed rates, water/steam injection and venturi scrubber operation. Other routine maintenance included a thorough cleaning from top to bottom and replacement of all of the refractory.


The Future

During the past 12 month period the amount of flammable solids shipped to Temarry by generators from the Western U.S. has doubled. In order to accommodate this increase and anticipated future increases it was critical that this renovation be completed. This $100,000 renovation will keep this integral link in the closed loop system functioning and preserving resources for years to come.  

waste to energy


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