Temarry Recycling Family Goes Through Fire Brigade Training

If an emergency breaks out at your place of business, what do you do?

If you are like most companies, you leave the premises in an orderly fashion and meet at some designated safe zone.

Here at Temarry Recycling, things are a little different. If a fire or emergency situation occurs, we are required to be self-supporting for at least 15 minutes before the fire department can arrive. That is why the entire company has to go through a very rigorous training program to ensure that we are prepared for any eventuality.

As you will see, our training program is more extensive than most companies in the U. S. would go through. 

We thought we would have some fun with it.

So, sit back and have a laugh on us!

The training starts with Team Training and Physical Conditioning.


(Anyone see Larry doing the training?)


I Signed Up For The Free Doughnuts,  We're Going To Be Doing What Now?

temarry recycling


AAUGH! I Haven't Even Had My Coffee Yet!

temarry recycling


You Want Me To Hit What With A What?

temarry recycling


I'll Make It To The Red Trailer, But Then I'm Stopping For A Snack!

temarry recycling


Let Me Go! I Want To Go Home!

temarry recycling

 (Anyone seen Larry yet?)

The Compression Ratio vs the Initial Inertia is.... HUH!

temarry recycling


Do You Have Anything In A Small?

temarry recycling


No! The Fire's This Way!

temarry recycling


I'm Trying, But I Can't Do A Sit Up!

temarry recycling


Temarry's A Team!

Well, Maybe B or C Team!!

temarry recycling

(Larry, Larry... Anyone?)

All in all, everyone did great! We obviously had some fun with it, but we take the training very seriously. With our recent $100,000 Waste to Energy revovation, the training we undergo is even more important. Saving our own lives, and the lives of our fellow workers, depends on our ability to handle emergencies and ensure that everyone gets out safely.

skeptical about taking hazardous waste to mexico





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