Temarry Recycling Passes DLA Audit with Flying Colors

Temarry Recycling first received approval from the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) in 2012 to recycle temarry recyclingregulated hazardous waste streams from all Federal Government facilities. As part of the DLA’s ongoing efforts to ensure that all disposal facilities they do business with meet with their strict regulations, each facility is audited to ensure proper compliance.

In fact, any disposal facility that receives waste from the Federal Government must be on their TSDF approval list.

The Federal Government contracts third party companies to conduct the audits for them. These companies coordinate their findings with the DLA's Contracting Officers Technical Representative (COTR) and finalize the audit.

This year Michael Summers of HGS Engineering, Inc., was assigned to audit Temarry Recycling.  While the actual audits themselves belong to the DLA, Mr. Summers stated that the results of their assessment of Temarry Recycling concluded as follows:

HGS identifies Recicladora Temarry as a site posing little to no risk to the DLA.   Its operations are extremely efficient and well run.   As an American-operated company in Northern Mexico, it is subjected to strict scrutiny by local and federal environmental, health, and safety agencies.  The facility very effectively balances its operations with the regulatory requirements.  No regulatory non-compliance issues were noted. “

Temarry has worked very hard to ensure that their disposal and business operations maintain the highest possible standards in the industry. Being one the most scrutinized facilities serving the Western United States, their attention to regulatory and safety guidelines is second to none.

The recent approval by the DLA continues to validate Temarry Recycling’s position as one of the top disposal facilities in the industry.

Temarry Recycling Passes DLA Audit

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