It doesn’t take much of an excuse to have a Fiesta at the Temarry facility located in Tecate, B.C. Mexico. Birthdays, holidays, wedding anniversaries and seasonal events are all reasons to celebrate. 

For Matt’s last birthday the whole parking area was converted to a paintball arena with intricate props. We do enjoy our celebrations. Out of all of the celebrations I have attended, the one celebrated earlier this month was the most meaningful.

On Saturday October 6, 2018 Temarry celebrated the completion of 20 years from the time that they opened their doors for business. For Matt and Teresa Songer it has been an incredible journey.

Matt and Teresa are what I consider to be true environmentalists. The true environmentalist sees a need to cleanTemarry-20-Year-Anniversary-29 something up, keep it clean and conserve a natural resource. Instead of talking about it or attempting to legislate the problem away, they figure out how to improve the environment that we all live in. They become the true environmental innovators.

The journey started with Matt and Teresa inheriting solvent distillation equipment from Matt’s grandfather. From there it was a series of crucial decisions that allowed the company to grow to what it is today.


Buy Land in Tecate and Build There

Most people familiar with the regulatory climate in California realize that even if you could get a permit to distill solvents, it would be very expensive and very restrictive. In 1998 most of the solvent distillation companies in California had closed their doors for various reasons. In Mexico it was the opposite. In that country they were at a point of building recycling infrastructure in the private sector. Temarry was a welcome addition to that infrastructure.

Within two years, all environmental impact studies were complete, plans approved and permits issued. The costs were reasonable and affordable for a new business starting out. One of the key factors in keeping startup expense down was that almost all costs were based on engineering studies and plan development as opposed to legal expense.

With the permitting of Temarry, the local region of Baja California could now correctly and efficiently recover spent solvents.  It also gave generators in the Southern California area a cost effective destination to have solvents recycled and returned. By operating in the welcoming environment of Baja California, Matt’s creative ingenuity was allowed to flourish.


The country of Mexico has continued to welcome and appreciate recycling innovation. If you have an idea that will reduce the consumption of a natural resource, without harming people, land or air, they are ready to listen to your ideas. A positive regulatory attitude allowed Temarry to install Waste to Energy (WTE) processing in 2008.

Temarry and the environment benefited immediately by sharply reducing the amount of propane it took to operate the recovery stills. WTE produces energy in the form of steam that power the recovery stills and other onsite industrial uses. As a result, WTE requires a lot of water to operate.

In 2016 Temarry was purchasing and consuming 2000-3000 gallons of water per day to operate the various needs of the facility – most of which are WTE. The Mexican government approved the permits for Temarry to build and operate a Water Treatment system at the same location. Again, this reduced the consumption of a natural resource by recycling hazardous waste and added to the local environmental infrastructure.


I am very appreciative of having the opportunity to be a part of the Temarry journey for the past 5 years. I too think of myself as a true environmentalist that cares about the world that we all share.

As more and more generators of hazardous waste embrace the Temarry method to reduce carbon footprint and utilize a more sustainable circular recycling system, it allows me to do my small part in making the world a cleaner place and maximizing our natural resources.    

Are you Recycling or Fuel Blending 

Larry Burton

Larry Burton

Larry Burton has over 25 years of experience in the hazardous waste and chemical industries. He has worked for several major corporations, including Honeywell, and can speak on a variety of industry-related topics. He has specialized knowledge in Circular Economy, Solvent Distillation, Closed Loop Recycling Technology, Waste to Energy, and the H061 Paradigm. Larry has extensive knowledge of the latest technologies that allow businesses to explore real-world sustainable solutions. These solutions will help reduce their carbon footprint and improve their profitability. Larry is currently the CEO of Temarry Recycling.

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