When companies hear the words transport your hazardous waste to Mexico, the first thought for many is negative. Doing anything in Mexico these days can seem like a bad idea, but transporting hazardous waste across the border can appear to the uninformed to be a downright risky proposition.

We’re here to shatter that notion and let you know that not only is transporting hazardous waste to Mexico NOT a risky proposition for hazardous waste generators, it’s SMART BUSINESS.


Transporting Hazardous Waste to Mexico Legally

First things first: Is it legal to transport hazardous waste to Mexico?

Yes, transporting hazardous waste with Temarry Recycling is perfectly legal.

Here’s why:

hazardous waste disposal contractsTemarry Recycling has completed all of the legal requirements to transport hazardous waste to Mexico including RCRA, Non-RCRA and non-hazardous waste to our facility in Tecate, B.C. Mexico as specified in Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 262, subpart E, Section 262.53. This is evidenced by an Acknowledgment of Consent letter received from EPA commonly known as the AOC. There is an AOC for flammable liquids, an AOC for flammable solids, and most recently corrosive liquids.

The AOC very clearly lists all of the federal waste codes that Temarry Recycling is authorized to export to Recicladora Temarry (the importer). As quoted from the letter, “This letter constitutes the EPA Acknowledgement of Consent for the export of the following hazardous waste as specified in your notice”. If it was not legal for Temarry Recycling to export the listed hazardous waste, EPA could not and would not grant authorization.

The letter certifies to the generator that EPA has done their due diligence to confirm with the government of Mexico that Recicladora Temarry has all necessary permits, is in good standing, and is authorized to receive listed imported waste.

By becoming the Exporter of Record, Temarry Recycling is the entity required to obtain all AOCs and complete the necessary annual reports. This is clarified by a memo from EPA stating the roles of the generator and the exporter. California State regulated waste requires that a Notice of Intent be sent to them specifying what is intended to be exported.

All permits and notifications may be viewed in our Resource section under permits.


Benefits of Using Temarry Recycling for Waste Generators


For hazardous waste companies looking to gain an edge on their competition, here is how working with Temarry Recycling can give you a competitive advantage when bidding on hazardous waste disposal contracts for your generator clients.


Temarry Offers True Recycling

At Temarry Recycling, all waste that is received at Recicladora Temarry has value.  Nothing that is received will end up in a landfill.  Our recycling process provides a true waste to energy process that benefits everyone.

Here’s how it works:

 We use waste solids to generate Energy in the form of steam to power our solvent recovery stills on site. Waste is hazardous waste disposal contractsfed by conveyor into the primary stage for thermal destruction at 1,700° F. All vapors and gases are directed to secondary thermal treatment at 1,700° F.

Inorganic solids, or ash, from the primary stage is quenched and falls into an ash hopper. Heat is directed to a 200 horse power steam generator. Remaining gases are directed to a modern two stage venturi scrubber to insure that only clean water vapor is emitted to the atmosphere.

Steam is used as an energy source to power the solvent distillation recovery stills that produce technical grade solvent products to be sold back into industry. Ash from the ash hopper is blended with high BTU still bottoms. Controlled blends are sent to cement kilns to be used as alternative fuels.

Typical solids that are compatible with our system are rags, organic debris, PPE, and absorbents

Recently, we expanded our operations. Recicladora Temarry is now operating a water treatment plant. This represents an exciting expansion of the closed loop system. We are now able to treat all water base waste such as latex paint, coolants and oily water. We also accept acids and bases for neutralization. All water produced from treatment is used on site for cooling requirements. 

Operating Waste to Energy and distillation requires about 2,000 gallons of water per day. Before Water Treatment, that water had to be purchased resulting in the consumption of a local natural resource. By operating Water Treatment, sustainability is enhanced and efficiency is expanded. The effect of increased efficiency for our customers is reflected in extremely competitive pricing. 

The highest level of sustainability is achieved by reducing carbon footprint. For each 60 cubic yard boxes thermally treated on site, one cubic yard of ash is generated.

For each 100 gallons of typical solvents distilled, 30 gallons of still bottoms are generated to be blended with ash. The byproducts from our processing are then transported off site for secondary recycling at a cement kiln.

This represents a dramatic reduction in the number of truck loads that are transported off site for secondary recycling at a cement kiln.

By recycling hazardous waste solids and using it as a source of on-site reusable energy, Temarry’s efficient process greatly reduces the need to utilize precious natural resources.

Your clients can rest assured that they are utilizing the cleanest and most efficient process to recycle their hazardous waste.


Temarry Recycling Helps Companies Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

When approved hazardous waste streams are transported to Temarry, companies can effectively reduce their carbon footprint. Recicladora Temarry is one of only a few facilities serving companies in the Western United States that can recycle flammable liquids for reuse.

Making sure your waste ends up here is not only more cost effective for companies located in the Western United States, but dramatically reduces the amount of carbon footprint left behind.

Why is this important?

Transporting hazardous waste is one of the most impacting activities in the calculation of carbon footprint. It is considered that 1 gallon of diesel fuel consumed produces 2.77 KG of carbon dioxide.

In the current business environment there is tremendous pressure for companies to be conscious of their carbon footprint, and seek ways to reduce it. 

By reducing the transportation miles of your flammable hazardous waste streams in some cases by more than 1,000 miles, the impact of using Temarry can be tremendous in terms of reducing the production of harmful carbon dioxide production.

Recycling with Temarry offers your clients the highest level of sustainability when disposing of their waste streams.

To easily calculate your business’s carbon footprint, we have created a Free Carbon Footprint Calculator.


Reduced Reporting Requirements 

Another benefit of exporting your hazardous waste with Temarry is the fact that once your waste crosses the international border, your regulatory requirements are complete. 

How is this possible?

Once hazardous waste is exported from the United States, it is no longer under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Toxic Services Control (DTSC).  This is the grave in the cradle to grave liability for a generator of hazardous waste in their eyes.

The waste stream comes under federal regulation through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the burden for hazardous waste transfers from the hazardous waste generator (your client) to Temarry Recycling.

Because of this change in jurisdiction, hazardous waste generators can find relief from some of the regulatory reporting requirements, specifically, the Biennial Report of the DTSC in the State of California.

Lifting or relieving the reporting chore, is a tremendous benefit for your customers and an important one for everyone to understand.

By working with Temarry Recycling, you are offering 40 years of experience in chemistry, engineering and hazardous waste management to your generator clients. The specific benefits noted in this article including True Recycling, sustainability and reduced regulatory reporting requirements combined with cost efficiency have the ability to make you stand out in any competitive bidding process.

Leverage our expertise and our resources to grow your business, and offer your clients the opportunity to recycle their waste streams as efficiently, cleanly and cost effectively as possible.


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